This website is directed to the firms interested to give us mandate in order to promote business’ developments about implementation of their affairs in medical and audiological fields and sectors. I am an Italian audiologist (graduated at Siena course of Audio-prostheses Techniques of University of Medicine and Surgery) trade agent in the field of hearing instruments for a small Italian firm in my town Catania (Sicily). I am searching an interesting work proposal by an International hearing aids manufacturer for being business agent (sales representative) in Europe, Asia or Middle East markets I.e. I am trade agent in the field of Hearing Aids, Hörgeräte, Appareils Acoustiques, Audiofonos.

I would accept a job as Your chargé d’affaires on behalf of Your Industrial group. And I would leave to Middle East rich Nations on Your managers’ instructions for bringing some affairs to theirs end. Your people will be ready for meeting me and talk about audiologic, Cochlear implants, microelectromechanical , silizium or laser, or ultrasound,
or heavy ion research and business applications also in other fields you are interested to export in some areas (Dubay or Oman for example). I am interested also in commerce and to be in Business in the sector of video-capsule (pillol) for colonscopy.